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Linguaphone’s “audio-only” Spanish course includes:

  • Spanish - Beginner and Intermediate levels
  • 16 audio CDs 
  • 64 page vocabulary guide
  • 1 stylish black portable CD case

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No time to take Spanish classes or read Spanish text books? Then choose Spanish All Talk from Linguaphone.  We’ve removed the need to read course books. You'll learn much more than the basics and impress people with your conversational skills. On completion you’ll be able to understand Spanish and be understood in many everyday situations. It will give you the ability to mingle with native Spanish speakers and express yourself with confidence

Our entertaining storylines will keep you interested and motivated, as our character Linda, visits Madrid for the first time. It’s the perfect backdrop to help you learn a vocabulary of over 2000 Spanish words, whilst at the same time developing an authentic Spanish accent. Most importantly, this course equips you with the skills to communicate independently in many situations.

The All Talk Difference – learn Spanish on the go!

All Talk is “audio-only”. There are no course books. You just listen to the audio and follow the entertaining storyline.

This 16-hour Spanish language course covers Beginner and Intermediate levels. It’s completely versatile and perfect for use at home, on the train, in the gym or in the car. Why not take it with you on your next trip abroad?

And remember, as with all Linguaphone courses, there is a money back satisfaction guarantee with your purchase

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Linguaphone All Talk Spanish is an audio-only course that has been devised to help you understand and speak Spanish without having to consult written material, apart from a short introduction and vocabulary and verb guides.

During the entertaining story of Linda's visit to Madrid you will hear native speakers from Spain conversing at normal speed, and with practice you will quickly understand and speak Spanish as it is spoken. Because you will “hear” the language - rather than “see” a written version of it – your accent will be an authentic copy of the native speaker accent.

The storyline

Linguaphone All Talk is different to other language courses. The course evolves around a series of story dialogues. The story develops around Linda’s visit to Madrid and all the problems she encounters. It’s an enjoyable and entertaining storyline and sees Linda learning learning about Spain, Spanish culture and most importantly, learning the Spanish language

Learn by Listening

It is sometimes difficult to gain an authentic accent when you can see the words in your own alphabet. Working from sounds alone rapidly gives you confidence in what you hear. It also removes the desire to ‘see’ the language before daring to use or respond to it.

You’re in control

Linguaphone all Talk utilises the highly-successful tried and tested Linguaphone method of ‘listen, understand and speak’. One of the great advantages of this audio-only course is that you are in control, and the pace of your learning is entirely up to you.

 Included with all the vocabulary and grammar, there are dialogues, comprehension tests and other learning activities. You will also hear a number of what we’ve called ‘verb boxes’ – brief sections in which you can listen to some of the different forms of useful Spanish verbs. Overall it’s a highly enjoyable language course and designed to get you speaking Spanish in no time.

Millions of people across the world have successfully learned a new language using the Linguaphone method. 

Our proven method - Listen, Understand, Speak - has helped over 7 million people learn a new language in a natural and effective way. From basic phrases through to fluent conversation, you'll be surprised at how quickly a second language becomes second nature.

Listening to native Spanish speakers is the most relaxing and involved way to learn, helping you associate the sounds you hear with the words and sentences you read.

By listening to the Spanish language, you begin to discover what each word means. Everyday objects have exciting new names. Gradually words, then phrases, become clear and your reading, writing and speaking of the language will improve.

Many people find that speaking their new language is the hardest part. But whether you want to learn Spanish for business or for holidays, Linguaphone's method makes sure that you start speaking from the very first lesson with the correct pronunciation.

Money Back Guarantee

For your complete peace of mind, Linguaphone offers a 21 day money back guarantee on all CD and Digital courses. So, in the unlikely event that you are not happy with your course after 21 days, you can return it to us.

Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

overall tuition is good
I reckon this is one of the better teach yourself courses out there. The cheesy music is a bit annoying somtimes but the overall tuition is good. I've tried our my new spanish knowlege in Valencia and it seems to be working - thanks Linguaphone! Review by Symon T / (Posted on 09/01/2020)
Easy way to learn with minimal effort
I played these in the car and have gone from knowing virtually no Spanish to being able to master the basics enough to get about Spain and at least ask for food, drinks, directions and hotel rooms. Review by Katie / (Posted on 20/10/2019)
had a lot of fun, following your All Talk courses
As I mentioned, we have spent a huge amount of time, and had a lot of fun, following your All Talk courses. They are skilfully prepared to introduce all the essential vocabulary and this is carefully woven into an amusing story which is absorbing... Read Morebing and even addictive. It might amuse you to hear that my wife and I (both long retired) followed two consecutive All Talk courses in Spanish, then passed Spanish GCSE with A* grades and then bought a house in Spain. The Spanish just cannot believe that we speak the language so well, and that we are self taught. The house is on a German-speaking community, so we then followed the German course and are now learning Italian.
Thank you all at Linguaphone for giving us so much fun and interest and changing our way of life so positively, whilst keeping dementia at bay – so they say!
All the best
Review by N&P / (Posted on 06/02/2019)
Easy route to learning Spanish - excellent
The Linguaphone All Talk Spanish course has proven to be excellent, we are so pleased to have chosen this course to enable us to learn Spanish. Easy to follow, interesting and we highly recommend this course for an easy route to learning... Read Moreing Spanish.

Customer service from Linguaphone has been first class, even including them emailing us a transcript of the dialogue in the CD's.

Review by V. Harris and J. Farrell. / (Posted on 04/10/2016)
met my requirements
Absolutely as I had expected and it fully met my requirements Review by M Shah / (Posted on 17/02/2016)
Whoever created the particular allTalk Spanish concept and format for learning should be congratulated for breaking down the many barriers associated with learning a foreign language Review by JWCE / (Posted on 17/02/2016)

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My sincere thanks to Linguaphone. You have helped me learn this language for my work.  

Hassan Khoury

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