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Linguaphone Advanced Spanish course

  • Spanish : Advanced - Expert levels
  • Audio: 6 CDs and New! Free online course audio for Tablet, Smartphone, and PC 
  • Two 144 page course books
  • A 62 page vocabulary book
  • A 90 page further practice book
  • Study Guide
  • Linguaphone carry case

The nearest you’ll get to having a personal Spanish language tutor without being in a classroom

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Comfortable with reading, writing and speaking Spanish but want to achieve complete fluency? Then take your Spanish skills to a higher level with our expert level Spanish language course.

The Linguaphone Spanish 2nd Stage course is the right choice if you really want to improve your Spanish and speak with total fluency.

With Linguaphone’s world-renowned learning methodology and a wide range of advanced linguistic techniques, you’ll develop your ability to use complex Spanish phrases and expressions with confidence. What’s more, you’ll develop an active vocabulary of over 3000 words, as you progress to an expert level of Spanish with ease.

  • Ability to communicate in Spanish with total confidence and fluency. 
  • Ability to use ambitious expressions and vocabulary with ease 
  • Boosts your spoken, reading and written Spanish skills to a higher level. 
  • Development of an authentic Spanish accent 


This course is genuinely comprehensive and is taught entirely through Spanish. It has been carefully designed to guide you through the advanced levels of the Spanish language in great detail, sharing Linguaphone’s language learning expertise and unlocking your own natural ability to learn Spanish. You’ll be improving your Spanish from the first lesson and, as Linguaphone builds your confidence, you’ll make rapid progress.

Please note this course is taught using Castilian Spanish i.e. the language spoken in Spain 

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This Spanish language course is suitable for those who already have a good working knowledge of the language.  It is taught entirely through Spanish using the Linguaphone method. There is also a comprehenisve vocabulary guide with translations in English. Here is an example of the content from the very first page. If you can read and understand this, then you're ready to start this course:

Carta de Isabel desde Madrid

Queridos amigos:

¿Qué tal estáis? Os escribo desde Madrid donde estoy pasando unos días de vacaciones. No es la primera vez que estoy en Madrid, pues había estando otras veces, pero solamente de paso. Hasta ahora no había tenido tiempo realmente de visitar la ciudad. Me encanta Madrid y la verdad es que tengo suerte de estar aquí ahora, ya que es Carnaval y el ambiente es muy divertido y me lo paso muy bien.  Además está haciendo un tiempo buenísimo. La gente dice que no es normal en esta época del año y que debería hacer mucho más frío, al fin y al cabo estamos a finales de febrero, pero hoy por ejemplo tenemos  viente grados, ¡ es increíble !

Madrid tiene un ambiente estupendo. La vida es bastante ajetreada y  la gente es muy alegre. ¡Me encanta pasear por las calles! Y las tiendas, ¡qué tiendas!, qué ropa tan bonita y tan elegante hay!, y ¡que zapatos! Tengo que controlarme porque estoy gastando un montόn de dinero.

Below are just some of the topics covered in this comprehensive course. As you encounter new vocabulary, you will also be taught structures that will allow you to understand and be understood in many other situations.

- Daily Life
- Television and media
- Interviews
- Newspaper articles
- Politics
- Education


  • 6 CDs and New! online course audio for Tablet, Smartphone, and PC 


  • Two 144 page course books with 60 in-depth lessons
  • A 62 page Spanish vocabulary guide with English translations
  • A 90 page further practice book – with additional written exercises, which expand on language learnt in the course
  • Study Guide – Contains full instructions and advice on how to study.

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The Linguaphone method is based on two simple principles: -

  • You learn faster when you enjoy what you are doing.
  • You make progress if the sort of language you learn is useful and presented in a believable, familiar context.

As you already know, speaking Spanish is an active skill - something you’ve learnt by doing, not just studying. This is the practical approach taken by Linguaphone to language learning. The course begins simply, building your confidence session by session. Soon after, the course enables you to express more detailed and complex thoughts.

But the course always concentrates on useful, authentic words and situations. The result is that, after completing a Linguaphone Spanish 2nd Stage course, you will have achieved a level of fluency in Spanish to enable you communicate with confidence in Spanish-speaking society.

The study sequence, LISTEN, UNDERSTAND and SPEAK, used in Linguaphone courses is fundamental to the Linguaphone method of learning.

For more information – call us on 020 3603 6554 or e-mail your questions to [email protected]

We understand that buying a Linguaphone Spanish 2nd Stage course is an investment. For your complete peace of mind, Linguaphone offers a 21 day money back guarantee. This Guarantee allows you to order the course and trial it for 21 days. It allows you to start studying your language and gives you enough time to try out the course and decide whether it is for you. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your course or find it to be unsuitable you can return it to us. You don’t even need to give a reason. All we ask is that you return it to us in good condition.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee is another reason why we have over 7 million satisfied customers worldwide. Linguaphone has an unrivalled reputation for producing only the highest quality language courses and offering industry leading standards of customer service.

Money Back Guarantee

For your complete peace of mind, Linguaphone offers a 21 day money back guarantee on all CD and Digital courses. So, in the unlikely event that you are not happy with your course after 21 days, you can return it to us.

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Best course I've tried. Couldn't ask for more really.

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